A big leg up for DIY

We specialize in making home-recorded audio sound like the real deal. If you tracked your parts in the bedroom and you want the result to sound like a top-notch studio mix, you’ve come to the right place.

The best of both worlds

We aim to give you a record-ready sound right out of the gate. We’ll gladly work with any mastering engineer you choose—but we’re confident we won’t have to. 

What our clients have to say

“Nick is fast, easy to communicate with, and consistent when it comes to getting my project sounding professional right away”

“I love sending in tracks and having them come back sounding full and professional”

“Nick Messitte is an ace in the hole. He is communicative, quick, and does an amazing job with both mixing and mastering, working to hit our references with a bullseye. I have no reservations on recommending his work.”