Refining the mix

If you’re reading this, you already know slapping a limiter across your mix doesn’t work. Neither does entrusting your tune to some heartless VC-funded AI-based upload service.

You came here for a bespoke touch and a professional perspective—a second set of ears to help your work make a lasting first impression. 

Sound Stellar on Any Playback System

Other than quality control and metadata insertion, mastering allows your music to sound great across all platforms. It should just how you want it on a boom box, a car stereo, a pair of earbuds, or a hi-fi. 


You’ve spent months, maybe years on your project. You’ve gotten the tunes to sound great in your room. Leave the rest to the Old Quarry.

Communication is key

We aim to give your master the weight and depth it deserves. We do that with all the tools at our disposal—starting with an open line of communication. 

When you work with us, you can expect heaps of praise when the mix sounds great, and honest encouragement when it needs just a little bit more.  

For years, The OQ’s Nick Messitte has blogged about the craft for iZotope, MTM, Sonarworks, SonicScoop, and Forbes. If you need help getting the mix across the finish line, he’ll guide you to the sound you want, free of charge.